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Shenzhen luohu, shangri-la hotel: good taste delicious more add heat

Date: 2011-01-31

A personal daily work very busy tired enough, can have the opportunity to jump out and then a few days, spent mind crazy shopping on fresh food and drink is also understandable. But as the experience enriched, it's time to let oneself to from a visitor into a traveler, benevolent leshan, wise man happy water. A few days ago, and one in shenzhen, then immediately by the landscape and food fan difficult shed difficult points.
Shenzhen shangri-la hotel is located in luohu district, shenzhen city center for all business and leisure guests with unparalleled convenience. Five minutes' walk from the hotel to the border to Hong Kong station, subway station, bus station and railway station in close proximity. From lo wu shangri-la hotel whether further down to the downtown area at the northern end of the lianhua park or go to "shenzhen market" the east gate of the city of old street, the subway and public transportation is very convenient.
Shenzhen luohu shangri-la hotel has 522 design elegant guest rooms and suites, elegant layout, working for the need to provide comfortable space and the rest of the passengers. From all guest room also can get a good view of the busy city shenzhen, New Territories, Hong Kong or lush pleasant scenery. Luxury cabinet is designed for the pursuit of a higher standard of personalized service and accessibility close people designed to guests provide the honourable exclusive VIP corridor, and a series of special treated.
The hotel has all kinds of restaurants, bars and equipped with perfect fitness facilities, even the most discerning guests, also not out of the hotel to enjoy the need of service, shenzhen shangri-la hotel perfect service facilities, well-trained staff, warm and thoughtful service, is one of the best hotel in the region.