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Shenzhen lo wu 33 city renovation project blossom everywhere to promote five industrial district

Date: 2013-08-26

At present, an urban renewal "battle" is the earliest established in shenzhen lo wu. Here was born the city renewal "CAI house surround model"; Here has become the "main" the update of shenzhen city, 33 update project here.
Luohu district party committee secretary NiZeWang, warden He Haitao argues that urban renewal is lo wu unsustainable land resources, shortage of industrial space, the powerful tools for the urban environment for aging, also the center of the international consumer in luohu first try construction important breakthrough. Lo wu city update will focus on key industries and key areas and key projects to promote, in order to achieve "one center and two bases" (international consumer center and service base, headquarters) development goals to lay a solid foundation. NiZeWang, He Haitao said the lo wu to the urban renewal with the industry of the construction of the center for international consumption forms organically, through the change of the change of the physical space to promote urban pattern, create update urban space by means of urban renewal, and update the public life of service mode, let coquettish lo wu again lead urban development, become the new concept, new places, new cultures, the forefront of a new life, to realize to the lo wu of the municipal party committee proposed the transformation and upgrading of the entire area of target.
Urban renewal prospect one be bright, but road is tortuous. Lo wu has completed the people of the south, China resources in vientiane city around bei jewelry industry cluster base and water environment improvement, explore a kind of improvement update path; Completed the village, the village of Tian Bei transformation, explore a path of independent updated class city; Completed the CAI house around financial center, explore a path of government guidance and market operation of urban renewal, realize the win-win... Update aspects of exploration, these cities have a demonstration effect in shenzhen and even the whole country. In urban renewal "CAI house surround model" under new landmark shenzhen kingkey 100 partnership in the past two years, an endless stream of visitors from all over the country, people admiring the PengCheng scenery on the summit, more exclamatory city xinhua decayed for magical powers. Luohu district renewal authority chief strategy fly, said wang lo wu will be long-term commitment to explore the sustainable development of urban transition, mainly from the system of quality, innovation, and three aspects and thorough going efforts to promote urban renewal.