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Joe, ray Ken was appointed futian shangri-la hotel executive chef

Date: 2013-09-05

Recently, Joe, Ken (Joris Rycken) as the new executive chef to join shenzhen futian shangri-la hotel. He will with rich experience in cooking and catering management, at the helm of hundreds of hotel chefs team of hutch of Chinese and western.
In 1991, Joe rees in her hometown of Dutch luxury hotel open professional chef. Since 2003, was a member of the executive chef Joe rees. Employed in 22 years, his career in the Netherlands, Belgium, the united Arab emirates, Oman and Indonesia and other places more than restaurants and hotels.
Joe riis rich culinary experience and knowledge of food and beverage to set up the highest standard of cooking. From a single luxury hotel restaurant to contain more than one restaurant, from Europe to the Middle East to southeast Asia, he always adhere to this standard.