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Landscape fashion hotel at lo wu today

Date: 2005-05-01

Lo wu landscape fashion hotel soft opening today at the railway station port area along the river road, this is the "landscape" hotel brand to open the third hotel in shenzhen, marked the landscape fashion hotels in the most densely populated, the consumption of the most popular of luohu port area.
After half a year's intensive renovation, lo wu and fashionable hotel with green fashion, economic, convenient, warm and thoughtful image display in people's eyes. Hotel with pervious to light glass, sun canopy, green plants, indoor fountain and other fashion landscape. Landscape fashion hotel investment management co., LTD., chairman of Cai Haiyang introduction, luohu landscape fashion hotel a total of more than 130 hotel rooms of all kinds of fashion, the hotel has Chinese restaurant, sauna, entertainment, business center and other supporting facilities. In accordance with the four-star hotel hardware decoration, the price positioning in the economy hotel, with best cost performance to meet the guests at home and abroad.
Into the newly completed luohu landscape fashion hotel, the wind of fashion. The lobby is fundamental key with green, using solid wood on interior decoration and green and blue glass, whole space gives a person the sense with pure and fresh, fully, to relax. Entered the hotel standard guest rooms, each room is equipped with a small display screen, at the same time have a broadband Internet access and multichannel television and VOD personalized request the trinity of intelligent multimedia. Room is decorated also is given priority to with simple convenient functionalization of decoration, has a home comfortable and carefree. The guests into the hotel as long as there is a registration in the lobby for identification card, can brush calorie of consumption in hotel in multiple places, including Chinese and western restaurants, sauna, entertainment, etc. In addition, the guest at the lo wu hotel check-in formalities, can be directly check in by this two other chain hotel in shenzhen, huaqiang north landscape fashion hotel and merlin shanshui hotel, guests from repeated registration.
Enjoying the sun let a guest in the room air
Lo wu and fashionable hotel landscape architect wang, shanshui hotel guest room design, decoration style, completely get rid of the image of the traditional hotel rooms square, stiff, from color and layout to guest room decoration seems quiet, lively, the characteristics of environmental protection. Purpose is to let a guest hotel to enjoy the sunshine in the room air, fashion space and the atmosphere in the home. More importantly, the landscape fashion hotel walking on the decoration material function and practical popularization way, save the hotel's overall investment costs, it is low not high prices. The same standard room, shanshui hotel price flexibility is bigger, have a regular price, seasonal price and celebrate their offer.
Provides the high-quality service for the transit traffic
Lo wu shanshui hotel is located along the river road section, a few years ago is not busy section. In some investors for watching, landscape fashion hotel investment management co., LTD., chairman of Cai Haiyang identified the potential investment value of the range. The company took over the original chang lake building, invested heavily renovation. Try in the hotel industry, along the road of a new round of prosperity has come ahead of time. At present each big commercial entertainment projects have opened on the road, along the river port of passenger flow in the intersection, rich and colorful nightlife.
Try the hotel industry, a day to the railway station and port for shuttle bus, free shuttle guests. According to introducing, luohu port is one of the largest land port, shenzhen after CEPA, every day of the cross-border flow of consumption of tens of thousands of people poured into the lo wu. Luohu port area is the most direct, the most intensive passenger flow carries on, is also the most prosperous Hong Kong shenzhen consumption. Hong Kong people have their own unique consumer habits, the lo wu has been their first choice of consumption.
More than 50 Chinese opera club gathered on the first floor
Luohu landscape fashion hotel during test industry is passing on the passenger flow, a culture that is has for years been gathered at the Hong Kong cantonese opera enthusiasts of chang lake mansion. There are more than 50 cantonese opera quyi club gathered in the hotel apartment, become a spectacle, this is also the most important base of cantonese opera music art club in shenzhen. Enthusiasts from Hong Kong, come here to sing on a few famous cantonese opera works, like into the karaoke singing pop songs. And numerous folk club is prolonged consumption of stream of people.
Shanshui hotel without "NO" services. At the request of the guests here are always right, even if the guest request to meet, also want to make efforts and inform the guest. Hotel information can be text query, hair "landscape hotel" to 950066 (mobile/unicom), 90099 (netcom PHS).