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Shenzhen lo wu "top ten" promoting circular economy

Date: 2006-05-25

As the earliest built up area in the city, shenzhen lo wu four "unsustainable" is the most prominent, how to realize the concept and development model on the turn really fast change? Yesterday, the lo wu district party committee government promoting circulation economy development conference, deployed this year to promote circular economy "top ten".
According to the "shenzhen commercial daily" report, the shenzhen municipal committee, deputy mayor Lv Ruifeng at yesterday's meeting to lo wu "top ten". Development of circular economy, he said, is shenzhen in tight constraint conditions for the development of breakthrough, "Fried mountain building" in the past shenzhen way doesn't work, now need to "Fried floor" to plant trees. To develop circular economy is to systematically, such as lo wu set goals and tasks, the implementation of responsibility system. He hopes to luohu provide good experience for the city.
Lo wu "top ten" mainly includes:
Green government action
Compile the luohu district to create environmentally friendly office working handbook, comprehensively promote green government action. Organs, institutions of all kinds of recognition event to disable the MEDALS and trophies, awards and honorary certificate. Adjust the document and other informal file format specifications, small size, cut spacing, double-sided paper, reduce more than 30% of all that is in a year. Advocates the little meeting, have a short meeting, less, the hair short. Jurisdiction support forces to create a "green camp" activity. The government office prior purchasing recycled paper, environmental protection and energy saving products. Green products more than 20% in the total procurement.
Garbage sorting recycling operations
In the old residential districts and reconfigure the village inside city garbage sorting recycling facilities, every street agency select at least one pilot conditions mature community, support for family property management companies of used batteries, electrical appliances, clothing and other recycled garbage sorting recycling. The recycling industry as an important link to regulate, support circular economy.
"Flea market" action
Square, in the center of the SunGang Huang Beiling special flea markets, antique city to open the old household appliances in the east culture square old textbooks of primary and middle school students, old toys, etc. The flea market. Pilot, choose several big community for community public open old household items such as flea markets. Charity supermarket opened a junk shop, specially displayed residents to donate old secondhand goods, household items, such as old clothes for the jurisdiction of the needy and strands personnel quota to receive free of charge.
Say goodbye to the disposable goods
Organs, institutions, forces 130 dining room first to stop using disposable tableware. Carry out "instead of disposable plastic bags mall", "to use less disposable supplies hotels" to create activities, in typical shopping malls, hotels, for pilot, encourage and promote the use of environmentally friendly spinning cloth, advocating simple packaging, green packaging of goods. District 13 LaoWuGong dining room all out disposable tableware, equipped with disinfection equipment.
Recycling food waste
Strengthen the residual food waste such as food, such as recycling waste edible oil, oil-water mixture link of management, the first by a large chain restaurants, hotel, catering enterprises as the pilot, paid by a qualified professional company recycling food waste disposal and utilization.
Water reuse action
Start Luo Fang sewage treatment plant water use in engineering, and gradually expand the scope of water use. Strengthen the cycle of car washer technology research and pilot promotion. Using HuaJingLu having canal the processed water, solve the lotus pond area of green water and sanitation; To speed up the small hole in the qingshui river reservoir exploitation, double capacity, next year to build the rain flood utilization system, solve the film the green water and sanitation. The three water, rainwater utilization project in a year can save 120000 tons of water, save costs about 300000 yuan. New government building for the pilot, the establishment of rainwater utilization system.
"10 million" saving action
Launched vigorously advocated, energy saving, water saving by students to drive parents, to carry out the "ten communities" water-saving power-saving, "hundred enterprises" power saving, the competition of "households" water-saving activities and "thousands of owners walking, go to work by bus. To carry out the "air conditioning temperature 25.5 degrees to find city snow room action". Government agencies and schools, hospitals and other institutions lead the installation and use of water saving, energy saving equipment. By district organization construction of street lights and night all adopt energy saving lighting engineering.
"Waste reduction" action
Study the policy of encourage and support, in gold jewelry, catering and other industries to carry out the "waste reduction" demonstration enterprises create work. 10 demonstration enterprises create cleaner production activities. Strictly the industry access, forced to eliminate production, high pollution and low efficiency of enterprises.
Clean energy use
And government organs, schools, hospitals, ZhuOu forces new property, community park (square) first promote the use of solar energy, solar water heating, power supply facilities. For households to switch to natural gas as soon as possible.
"Hundreds of hands widening hand" action
The concept of circular economy and knowledge into the content of basic education of primary and secondary schools. Students, parents and school signed the pledge "good habits", in 100000 primary and middle school students "small widening hand, building a green home" activities, "a good habits, family" appraisal activities.
Luohu district party committee secretary Liu Xuejiang, warden LuYi, said the main goal of the circular economy development in luohu is to create a social environment conducive to the development of circular economy; Build in accordance with the development of circular economy industrial system; Creating the green consumption demonstration area; Building a resource-conserving city; The construction of environmentally friendly city.