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2014 shenzhen international jewellery fair will be opened on September 11

Date: 2014-09-03

The annual shenzhen international jewellery fair will be September 11 to 15, 2014 held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. Learned from shenzhen jewelry industry association that the exhibition area of 52500 square meters, about 2700 booths, there will be 1200 exhibitors from home and abroad, is expected to attract more than 73 countries and regions in the world more than 10 professional buyers to visit, negotiate and trade.
Shenzhen jewelry army strong
According to introducing, shenzhen is recognized at home and abroad of jewelry manufacturing center and trading center, with quality guarantee, credit is famous in the world, category complete line. This exhibition, there are 385 shenzhen enterprises to actively participate in, about 37.5% of the total number of exhibitors, about 1165 booths. Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macao and overseas exhibitors about 300, about 900 booths, including India, Israel, Belgium, Italy, Thailand, South Africa and other countries.
) on famous brand dress, among them, the area of 30000 square meters, nearly 1570 booths, removal of shenzhen green, week, DE him, really, nearly 300 well-known enterprises such as dalong, and China's gold group, the dimexon eurostar, to, DE cheng, shandong gold for China's well-known enterprises, besides Hong Kong, water shell, successfully, Pauline jewelry trading center and western institutions such as jewelry city group.
Jewelry brand show for the grab an eye ball
The show not only can see the latest product design and process, also can see for each jewelry brand. This year, according to bao yi, head of the brand, bao yi will launch the drilling project in South Africa, through a drill 3 card authority certification to ensure consumers bought the beauty of South Africa. While, au, head of jewelry, said this year's union continued marriage customs culture connotation main marriage customs culture festival in Italy. Rui jiaqi jewelry thousand foot "golden wedding clothes", week to bring in Antwerp, Belgium "hundreds of plane cut diamond", will bring to the industry and dazzing bright.
9 hall area of 15000 square meters, faith, jewelry and a gold star, art star jewelry, Jin Jiali well-known brands such as mass, authority, such as Hong Kong jade manufacturers association, Israeli diamond chamber of commerce chamber of commerce are rushing in. At the same time, Pauline international jewelry trade center, sanlian village, village, shenyang international crystal, jade flat state street, and sihui group exhibition will feature products. 6 hall area of 7500 square meters, is a jewelry processing equipment, instruments, tools, supplies, accessories and packaging, display, display comprehensive exhibition hall.