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Date: 2014-08-28

Annual favorite hotel: the hotel facilities to hotel services, catering, etc., most consumers like hotels, including domestic brands and international brands and resort hotel.
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Hilton guangzhou tianhe heavens
Annual guests favorite business hotel - guangzhou tianhe heavens Hilton Hotel is located in the central business district in guangzhou, only 2 minutes from the guangzhou train station, hotel landmark building appearance is quite remarkable, its shining glass wall is a blend of traditional Chinese wedding gift box design, and poetic name - a match made in heaven. Hotel set up a total of 498 rooms, including a area of 501 square meters of presidential suites, all equipped with advanced facilities, top let guests enjoy the comfortable accommodation experience. In addition, 6 restaurants and covers an area of 1900 square meters of flexible meeting space is suitable for various types of meeting held exhibitions and celebrations.
Accor hotel group
"Earth" the 21st century is the sustainable development of the accor hotel group project, the project contains 65 specific measures, and has set up a platinum, gold, silver and copper four grades. The project in the aspect of sustainable development to make 21 items of commitment, and plans in 2015 to realize quantitative targets, including the hotel staff will receive training on disease prevention, to provide balanced diet for the guests, with ecological label products, all of its own and lease hotel will reduce the percentage of water supply, energy consumption will be reduced, and covers all countries every one of accor hotel brands and business. Planting trees for earth is accor hotel group launched a artificial afforestation plan.
Guangzhou chime-long hotel
Stroll and cranes, with white tiger sleeps, as the theme of animals in the hotel, guangzhou chime-long ecological into the guest room, the hotel will create can make modern natural breathing, return to the original real interest. Adult searches for teenagers, children experience pleasure. Theme in the dining room is tie-in forest moving fairy tale theater, enjoying the food, while enjoying the show. Guangzhou chime-long hotel left embrace long lung joy to the world, right in xiangjiang wild animals in the world, before long lung Gao Changlong golf practice center and after alongside crocodile park, guangzhou long lung water park and chime-long international big circus and neighbors; Hotel has the whole of China raised the only white tigers and flamingos atrium garden.
Zhuhai hengqin bay hotel
Mysterious castle appearance, rich ocean theme, zhuhai hengqin bay hotel, let a person like a dream: unreal corridor is full of fish, shell decoration, the lobby column of the Chinese white dolphin, dolphin baths of constant temperature water park, the scenic man-made canal. The hotel has 1888 spacious and luxurious suites and 7 different styles of restaurants and bars, including Chinese, western, Japanese and Asian cuisine different dining experiences for the guest. Hotel banquet and meeting facilities including a 3000 square meters large banquet hall, with an area of 1300 square meters of banquet hall, and advanced equipment of a multi-purpose 26. In addition, the hotel and the zhuhai ocean between kingdoms opened a long lung nearly 1 km of the grand canal, guests can directly take a boat, and at the same time enjoy the sights along the river.
Star of jinjiang hotel
Capital city Shanghai jinjiang hotel management co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of "jinjiang international group mainly specializes in limited service hotel professional subsidiary, which is based on limited service hotel management platform, investment and management of the listed company jinjiang stake subordinate brand of hotels and hotel chains, including jinjiang city, the star of the jinjiang hotel, jin guang fast and best when quick hotel brands, such as has the total number of the hotel, which has more than 1000, covers from the high-end business to super budget hotel market. Jinjiang star which has more than 700 chain stores, opening project a total of more than 900, distributed in 31 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) of more than 260 cities, and successively by brand output at the Philippines, South Korea, countries such as France and Indonesia, become the only overseas domestic economy hotel brand.
Yangjiang 'island poly crowne plaza hotel
Poly crowne plaza hotel is located in the 'island miles silver beach, hotel design into the natural elements, grand atmosphere of hall and Haitian compatibility; More than 300 deluxe guest rooms, gives priority to tone with the original wood color, equipped with perfect guest room facilities, customers have the opportunity to enjoy free video system. Seaview room sitting on "the Oriental Hawaii" silver beach, has a private beach, there are multi-functional SPA pool, SPA pool, strong massage pool, etc., in addition is also equipped with a barbecue, chess and card room, tennis court, beach volleyball, sauna, SPA, foot bath, etc. Hotel owns 3000 square meters of flexible meeting space, a total of 9 conference room, including large banquet hall can accommodate 450 people easily.
, Germany relies on the mountain, the wind Lv Wen springs resort hotel
Relies on the mountain wind Lv Wen springs resort is located in the German city fairy lake hot spring resort area, by the world's top design team, mix the essence of Chinese courtyard house and the western post-modern art building, surrounded by mountains, household equipped with a private spa. Relies on the mountain wind Lv Wen springs resort hotel restaurant banquet hall is spacious and bright, can accommodate 150 people dining at the same time, at the same time IP V with luxurious and comfortable rooms. Relies on the mountain wind Lv Wen springs resort sitting on natural fluoride metasilicate springs, north pillow shimentai national nature reserve, south reliance Germany, one of the world three big black tea black tea of the township.