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Diwang building with kingkey 100 witness CAI house around two high-rise era

Date: 2014-12-10

CAI house boom from the very early.There are countless people familiar landmarks in shenzhen,
In 1995, a total height of 383.95 meters of diwang building, won the title of the first skyscraper in Asia at that time,
Replace the "shenzhen speed" international trade became a new landmark in shenzhen.Shenzhen 2011 skyscrapers 3.0 overlord --
441.8 meters high kingkey 100 building in CAI house also fall to the ground, two generations of the eye of the overlord CAI house supporting the circumference.
CAI house surrounded struggle history, originated from a foreign dealer attractions, from ducks, odd to buy farm house, breed CAI house around.
Interpretation from the aspects of construction, the struggle is see who closer to the sky?
Diwang building, kingkey 100 in CAI house has composed the tallest building in shenzhen around two times.
CAI house surrounded struggle continues, former Wall Street in shenzhen, facing Mr Fukuda, houhai CBD upstart rob's situation, how to upgrade?