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CCB in hand issue group reading public welfare activities

Date: 2014-10-31

Shenzhen commercial daily news in recent days, the construction bank, shenzhen lo wu branch joint in shenzhen luohu district committee of communist youth league, shenzhen publishing group walked into the town of shanwei lufeng taean 坣 bay primary school, donations for the school children's reading 1800 books, establish 坣 bay primary school "love online library", and for each of the students donated a bag and a set of stationery.
The reporter understands, 坣 primary school is the village primary school, the school has only one classroom buildings, a total of 6 classes, 10 teachers, 80 students.In 2013, 坣 bei elementary school to build up the walls, and buy new tables and chairs.To help schools solved the problem of lack of teaching reading, extracurricular reading, improve students' reading interest and improve the school environment, luohu branch of CCB to luohu district committee of communist youth league, shenzhen publishing group, issued a "" a book to achieve a dream" the compassion activity initiative, called for the desire for knowledge of the mind place unit staff to donate a book, given a love.Since activity starts, the general staff responded positively, have donated for primary school students to read books.